Why you should hire a buyer’s agent or PRES  to help you find a home

Why you should hire a buyer’s agent or PRES  to help you find a home

In the real estate sector we’re hearing a lot lately about buyer’s agents or PRES, personal real estate shoppers. A relatively new figure that emerged a few years ago in Spain and that is becoming increasingly common to hire when looking for a home because it provides many facilities to the buyer through a fully personalized service.

Hiring a personal real estate shopper instead of going to the classic real estate agency is very beneficial since you save time, money and conflicts of interest.

A PRES looks for the most appropriate house for you, according to your tastes, interests, needs and budget. She helps the buyer and negotiates with the seller.

A PRES differs in many things from a real estate agency and has many beneficial peculiarities when it comes to searching and finding the ideal home:

– She does not have a portfolio of houses that she needs try to sell, so you get access to the entire offer of the real estate sector.

She knows the city and what happens in each neighbourhood and each area at different times of the day, so she knows what to recommend.

She knows how to establish the real market value of a property, contributing great value in price negotiations.

She saves time, contacts owners, asks what is not seen in ads, detects if the property is really interesting or not, in many cases going on the first visit to select the best properties for you, the buyer.

– When she goes on the preliminary visits, she detects the house’s possibilities and possible inconveniences.

She finds houses not published in portals, through professional networks or by contacting concierges.

She sees the possibilities of the house with possible reforms and gives the buyer real and useful ideas. She proposes the best professionals for reform or decoration.

– She manages administrative procedures, streamlines the process and save efforts. She avoids any bother for you until after you sign off.

She gathers information about the community and neighborhood in order to detect possible advantages or disadvantages.

She manages future rentals when you’re purchasing as an investment, which makes it very easy for investors during the second phase and possible future incidents.

These and many other small details make hiring a buyer’s agent or PRES when looking for a home your best option.

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