Why don’t you leave?

Why don’t you leave?

When we decide to sell our house our priority is to decide on the price and the sale process, if we sell it directly or if we trust a professional. From that moment the professional, or us if we decide to sell directly, takes the best photos, advertises the best way and then just waits. No. Not really. All the details are important.

In order to sell a house in the shortest possible time and for its best price, the way we present the house is very important, that’s what’s called “home staging” but there are other important details that often go unnoticed. For example, who shows the house? What do we do while the prospective buyer visits? Is anyone else in the house with me at that time? Do I know my home and my community well? And what can I explain about the real estate market in the area?

Our house is part of our life, of ourselves, it says a lot about our tastes and our way of life which may little or nothing have to match the future buyer. The house communicates and so do we and since that personal communication may contaminate the true object of the  communication, to sell the house it is best to present it as neutral as possible.

Decoration and order are important, something that might have a lot of aesthetic value for us might not have as much for the buyer. And that personal connotation is accentuated by the presence of the owners in the visit. Sometimes it helps and others it can do more harm than good. If we have hired a professional, let her do her work and show the house, she, better than anyone, will know how to highlight the advantages and amenities of the property. But it is not enough to let her speak, let her also be the one to be there. It is best that our presence does not condition the buyer, it is preferable to let the buyer see himself living in the house and not ‘sharing’ it with the current owners. Let him dream, let him imagine himself, let him see himself projected in your house.

And what can we say when the family presence increases and in addition to the owners we find grandparents, children or cats. No, please leave the house during the visit. That way we will surely be able to sell our home sooner and, probably. better.

Good luck!


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