Why do we prefer to live in a detached house without neighbours?

Why do we prefer to live in a detached house without neighbours?

One of our reasons for moving is wanting to improve our situation and enjoy our home more. For this reason, one of the first questions we must consider is what type of house we want to live in and whether we want to have neighbours or not.

There is no right or wrong answer, everyone to his own taste, but today we are going to talk about the main reasons why we would choose to live in a detached house rather than in a house with neighbours:

  1. Noise. In a detached house we avoid noises from the neighbours above, below and next door. We can live with more peace and quiet and on the other hand we won’t disturb anyone when we have people over or hold late night parties.
  2. Breakdowns. For better or worse any problems that arise will be ours and our only, and our insurance will not have to cover damages in the building or the common areas.
  3. Coexistence. Although we might be lucky to have wonderful neighbours, we might not be lucky, in a detached house we can avoid having to come cross not so friendly neighbours.
  4. Outdoor spaces. Detached houses usually have front gardens and patios and backyards, much more outdoor space than the balcony or the terrace, if you’re lucky, than any apartment will have, making it an ideal home for children and pets.
  5. Size. They tend to be larger, usually with more than one floor, maybe even more than two. It is also common to have garage and storage facilities on-site.
  6. The community. In a detached house we avoid monthly community expenses, extra payments and, good news for most, neighbours’ meetings.
  7. Privacy. We can talk loudly, walk around the house with few clothes and sing to our heart’s content without being embarrassed by some noisy neighbour.
  8. Freedom. Since we will not be constrained by community guidelines we can choose the windows, fences or awnings that we prefer, as long as they comply with municipal regulations.

And what about you? Where would you like to live in Madrid? In a detached house or a residential building?

You can call us, tell us what type of house you’re looking for and we will find it for you.

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