Tips for investing in 2017

Tips for investing in 2017

With the beginning of a new year come resolutions, challenges and projects. A new year should come with a new financial planning of income, expenses and investments. If you are considering the real estate market as a possible investment the best moment is now. The market is on the rise, there is a range of financing possibilities and the return on other assets are not as high.

There are several reasons to invest in the the real estate market, among which we can pinpoint the following:

Buying business premises in major capitals may be more profitable than buying a house, but houses have less risk and higher returns if the purchase is properly managed.

Factors to be considered when buying a house as and investment  include location, dynamic, demanded, well situated areas, with services, a variety of offer and expectations of revaluation. It is also desirable for it to be in the same city where we live since that will make managing the rental easier. If we have to choose, Madrid and Barcelona are always a safe option and in other populations it is best to choose centric areas.

One of the search criteria to apply should be to choose houses with a cost per square metre below average, where the purchase can still be profitable including renovations and reform costs.

There are characteristics of the house that will always be important, but when it comes to flats or apartments to rent, some of them may not be as decisive although they definitely will be in the revaluation of the property. The luminosity is decisive, as well as the ease of access,soundproofing,equipment and, of course, room distribution.

And in the case of an investment, the numbers are really important. Let’s not forget that community and maintenance expenses should not be high. But the most important thing is carefully studying the financing terms and conditions of the different banking entities.

If choosing the area and the house, analysing the pros and cons, renovating and looking for financing is something that surpasses us don’t hesitate to contact a real estate professional. That could well be a Real Estate Personal Shopper who will advise you and accompany you throughout the whole buying process and will help you decide which is your best real estate investment option.

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