My dream house

My dream house

Dreaming is free. We all dream of an ideal home, just as we dream of an ideal partner, an ideal family or an ideal job. That’s not bad, let’s dream to fight for that longed-for model.

The dream should be a starting point, from which we establish preferences and priorities and define a plan to include the means, deadlines and above all, the budget.

We will define an ideal house with a preferred location, a dimension and characteristics where we can organize the rooms that we need with the size we want. The type of neighbourhood, building and street will be important and we will want to take it into account at the time of the search. Likewise, we will decide that we would like a bright house, with a height above a certain floor, perhaps with a balcony or terrace, that is exterior but not noisy.

Next, we will decide the technical conditions of the housing, which it should have or should be able to achieve after a reform. If I want radial single heating radial with air conditioning installed in the ceiling, then not any house will do, I need a certain ceiling height. And if I also want to achieve a certain category of energy efficiency and a domotic installation of the different facilities, the reform will have an important budget allocated to this, surely surpassing the averages established per square metre.

But in addition to the house, I need a large garage, a large storage room, a good access and of course a good lift and concierge. And there’s no harm in asking for quiet, middle-aged and not conflictive neighbours. Now, we already have our perfect home and community.

Do we dream or fly to infinity? If we apply this to Madrid, our ideal home would have these characteristics:

  • Neighbourhoods of Chamberí, Salamanca or Retiro.
  • Good building in a quiet street
  • Exterior floor, bright, from a second up.
  • Minimum 120 m2 because I want 3 large rooms plus living room.
  • High ceilings, no load walls, with balconies.
  • Garage and storage room in the building.

So far everything perfect, that house has to exist, we start looking for it and we will surely find it.

Now, in addition to dreaming, we have to be realistic about the budget. How much will that house cost? What is the real budget for the reform I want? What are the costs of the sale?

The costs will be different from what we expected. So now, let’s stop dreaming, let’s be practical and moderate the requirements.

Dreaming is free, but achieving the dream may be out of our economic possibilities. Let’s adjust the necessities and we can be sure that the house that we find will be very similar to our dream house.

Sweet dreams!

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