Looking for an apartment to rent

Looking for an apartment to rent

September, holidays over, we went back to work, the school year began and we look up at the sky to see for how long we can continue doing summer activities. Also, September is one of the months where the search for apartments to rent is more active. Some, more foresighted, did that before the summer, others left it for after summer, which has its  advantages and disadvantages.

The main problem is that there is less offer available and decision times are shorter. As an advantage we can consider saving on one or two monthly payments if the apartment will not be used during the summer and maybe a greater negotiation margin depending on the property and the owner’s situation.

As in any house search, either to buy or rent, the main recommendation is to be flexible. The second one would be to set the search parameters: the allocated budget, the dimensions and the distribution of the apartment and the area. You might find that nothing fits and there is no offer with these characteristics or that the offer is very scarce, which comes around to being the same. In this case, it would be convenient to expand the scope of the search, analyze similar neighbourhoods with the same services and communication facilities because it is probable that it will be more difficult to extend our budget than to reduce our required number of rooms.

If we have made the decision to look for an apartment to rent,  it is best to concentrate efforts and not delay the search because when we simply “browse”, the offer will be continually changing and everything that we have done 15 days or a month before will not be useful now, the available properties will be different. It is convenient to consult different real estate portals, to contact agents, with several agencies that may have an unpublished offer and, if it is possible to visit the area, to consult with the concierges.

During the visits to the properties we will observe how well the common areas are maintained, we will check that the facilities of the property (plumbing, doors, blinds, appliances, lighting, etc.) work well, we will ask about the type of neighbourhood and above all, project yourself living in that house and in that neighborhood. If everything fits, then perfect, this is your house. Before signing the contract, it is necessary to understand all the clauses, to share all your questions and to negotiate the economic conditions, terms and equipment.

And, the most important recommendation, is to be quick to make the decision so you do not have to regret losing an not lose an apartment you like.

If you are short of time, if you do not live in the area or you do not know the city, if you need advice for the selection of the properties and for the visits, do not hesitate to contact a professional that will be sure to help you find your ideal home.

Good luck in the search!

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