Listening is also negotiating

Listening is also negotiating

All the steps in the process of buying a house are important, but we often give more importance to one over others.

Once the decision to buy a house is made, the first question is how do I look for that home or investment? The Internet, Real Estate Agencies, walking through the neighbourhood or with the help of a Real Estate Personal Shopper. So, I’m doing my search, I select the properties that meet my requirements and at a certain point I will choose one. What information do we have regarding the property? What information is missing? What would we like to know? Are they hiding information? What has the house or the owner transmitted? Besides looking, have we listened?

If we like the house and we are considering the purchase we will have to carry on investigating and close the deal. That’s when negotiations begin and when information means power. We have the description of the house and we must gather more information about the state of the property, issues affecting the community, conflicts between neighbors, the reasons behind the sale, municipal plans in the neighborhood, visits made to the property and offers made.

Some of this information will be provided by the seller, some can be asked during the visit or later on, but there is a lot of information we should be able to obtain without asking, just by listening, feeling, looking. This information can be even more useful. It is part of the active search and it will help us to build bridges or to withdraw from the path.

It is very important to observe the entry, what it’s like, what happens, how the owner behaves, how the house looks, cluttered or tidy, the smells, the small talk, the comments, signs of impatience, if it’s such a good bargain, and so on. Taking note of everything is important. And most important of all is listening to what is not being said.

And if information is scarce, the ability to ask and to investigate is a must.

You know, information gives you power and when we’re talking of choosing the right house and getting the best price all the efforts are well worth it.

Good luck with the search and with the listening!


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