In what neighborhood do I want to live?

In what neighborhood do I want to live?

If you’re thinking of buying a house, you’ve surely asked yourself some questions. The first one is the kind of house I want, how many square metres, what distribution, the floor height and probably if I want it to be ready to live in or if I prefer a house that needs to be reformed. The second question will be where do I want to live, what area, what neighborhood, do I need next to my new home. And finally and probably the most determining factor of all, you’ll think about your available budget.

All these questions are important, how will my house be, where I want to live and how much will it cost me. The type of house and the budget will be my conditions, the parts of the equation that I can hardly change. If I need at least two bedrooms, It will be difficult for a one bedroom house to suit me. And if I have a determined budget including funding, I will have calculated it following the recommended maximum levels of indebtedness. So there is only one variable that can be modified,  location.

And, being the most easily modified variable it is one that we should define the best from the start. We’ll have to carefully study which area and what neighbourhood are the ones we like and those where we can find something that fits our budget.

A targeted search will have a greater chance of success and we’ll manage to not despair down the road. it doesn’t have to be one only neighbourhood but it does have to be a well defined area including perhaps a nearby neighbourhood or the like. Irt makes no sense to say that I want to live in a new area, with open spaces, building with pool and at the same time consider living in the town centre near the Plaza Mayor.

What kind of life I will do? Do I live alone or have children? Do I only use public transport? Do I want to have a market nearby? Do I work out and rarely go downtown?

We must be realistic when choosing the neighborhoods, it has to be a real market situation. How much can I afford spending per square metre? Is there offer in the area for that price? If so, go ahead. If not, consider other similar and better priced areas. We won’t find what doesn’t exist, prices are always well placed in a defined range in each area, with slight variations depending on the state or the floor height of the house.

In this way, we will have the peace of mind of knowing that we can decide between all the available offer in the selected area. And we will have done a good search and we’ll be able to make  a good buy.

Good luck!


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