I’m worth more for what I ask than for what I tell

I’m worth more for what I ask than for what I tell

How much do we talk? How much do we listen? Surely many times too much in the first case and too little in the second. A wise man said long ago that we have two ears and only one mouth for a reason…

We can think that depending on the moment, the objective, the group or the person who accompanies us a more or less receptive aptitude is required. Yes and no. In addition to strategy, prudence, education or self-interest, it is always convenient to know how to listen, to want to understand, to know the motivations of our interlocutor, to be empathetic, to ask. And if we talk about selling, even more.

It is more a proven reality than a topic, that people dedicated to sales have the ability to speak non-stop.  We don’t question their knowledge of the product or service (that is taken for granted) but we would appreciate them listening to our needs or our objections and adapting their speech.

And what does listening mean? it is, above all, to ask. That is:

  • Encourage our interlocutor and possible client to tell us.
  • Reformulate the information that he transmits to verify that we understand
  • Reflect on what has been said and the information gaps that we detect.
  • Sum-up the situation of the prospective buyer, his needs.

It is important to establish a dialogue by asking, in order to know where we are, what has been the experience so far and what the expectations are, the purchasing capabilities and how we can help him.

And how do we get this information? Asking, asking again, listening and interpreting.

When it comes to helping someone find their home, this ability is much more important. We need to know what type of home is being looked for, the main characteristics, the most valued aspects and the less necessary ones and for this it is important to know what the lifestyle is like, the perspectives, the past experiences, the journey until now looking for a flat and the financial capability. That is, ask and ask.

Our professionalism as a buyer’s agent or as a Real Estate Personal Shopper is taken for granted, that’s why we’re talking about it. To demonstrate that we will find the ideal home, the important thing is to show that we understand what is being looked for. Asking.

And so I come to a conclusion: I am worth more for what I ask than for what I tell.


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