If you tell me I’ll help

If you tell me I’ll help

You meet someone, you’ve spoken once or twice with that person, your know some of their main points and maybe even some of their hobbies. But, can we say that we really know them? Probably not. It’s a paradox but we live in a society of silence, a lot of noise but very little personal communication, the type that brings people together.

What has to happen to break that barrier and get to know each other?

Sometimes it happens as a result of sharing a project, going through a difficult situation, living together, travelling together or being in each other’s home. How much information does a house give on how one is or what type of life one leads? A lot.

A home is one of the major projects of our lives, where we project our personality and where we try to be more comfortable than anywhere else. This should be our first approach when looking for a house: How I am and how do I like to be at home.

And these should be the main things to discover to help you find your ideal home, how you are and how you like to live. If we don’t manage to get this information we will have a bad start at an early stage. Then comes trial and error, but always listening to customers and understanding their preferences, tastes, lifestyles, needs, pet peeves and why not, their history.

When we help to find a house or an office, we have to develop a special ability to listen, to read between the lines and to ask. That’s why, if you really tell us, we’ll really help.

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