I want to buy a good house

I want to buy a good house

“I want to buy a house”. An important statement and the starting point of one of the most important processes in the life of a person.

From this moment we reflect on the type of house we would like to buy and how we will carry out the process. Surely together with another set of parameters such as size, location and budget at some point, more or less explicitly we will state that we would like the house that we are going to buy to be “a good house.”

What does it mean for a house to be a good house?

Many things. We sometimes simplify the definition by limiting ourselves to the physical characteristics of the house itself, such as luminosity, state of conservation, distribution, floor height and neighborhood. But beware, a good house should be much more. We must be very observant with the entry and see how it was built, state of conservation, accessibility from the street and to the common areas, necessary updates, maintenance, security, etc. All this is important, it gives out different sensations to us and to those who visit us. Not to mention the valuation of the property. A good house has a good entry.

And the neighbours?

What kind of neighborhood is there? The antiquity of the property and the area defines its tenants but the years pass and it is convenient to analyze who the new residents are. Are they the original home buyers? Are they older people or younger generations the ones that live there now? Is there a group that predominates due to proximity to services such as hospitals, universities or airports? Are there many rented flats or many students? All this affects not only the comfort and coexistence but also the possible future use of the house as an investment. A good house should have good neighbours.

And the building?

When it was built? Was it a private or a public initiative? Which year was it built? Who built and who promoted the building? Each era has had its architecture but there have always been “good buildings” and “bad buildings”. The aging of a building depends very much on how it was built and who erected it. Let’s investigate. A good house should be part of a good building.

And the street?

Even on short streets, there are blocks and even numbers better valued than the rest. Due to its tranquility, proximity to services, type of neighborhood, commerce, leisure establishments set up or the latest trends in the city, a house doesn’t  have the same value in all numbers of the street. Don’t forget to check what happens on that street at different times of the day and different days of the week. A good house is located in a good area of ​​the street.

Everything is important when looking for a good house. Don’t  miss out the small big details that have little of subjective and a lot of objectiveness. If you’re short of time, if you don’t know where to start, if you hardly know the city, don’t worry, a good professional will help you find “a good house” and will take into account all these factors.

Good luck with the search!

If you need my help, let’s talk without compromise.

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