Hygge decoration for the home: the secret of happiness at home

Hygge decoration for the home: the secret of happiness at home

Happiness, as you well know, is in the little things. A coffee in the morning, an alarm clock that does not ring on a weekday, a smile from someone you love … but it also exists in the decoration of the home. And the Danes have found it.

Hygge style or “hu-guee” or “cozy”, is a trend that has been a success for months in our country, and even more in its country of origin: Denmark. It is, more than a way of decorating the home, a lifestyle in itself.

It is a way of decorating with the intention of achieving the most pleasant and welcoming spaces possible, all this especially with textiles and lighting. A predisposition of furniture, accompanied by these changes, which invites you to enjoy time at home, to wish to get home to feel happy about many things, only with small decoration gestures.

The 5 key aspects of hygge

Before you start to change your life completely, and to enjoy your home as you deserve, keep in mind that the key is to enjoy everything around you.

  1. Therefore, start by choosing a suitable lighting to this cozy style. Do not obstruct the natural light of windows or doors. The hygge trend proposes to use candles instead of light bulbs once the night comes. This light is warmer and more welcoming than the strong light of light bulbs.
  2. The second key aspect is found in the heat provided by the house. To be comfortable in a pleasant environment nothing better than having a fireplace or wood stove and place the sofa, chairs and low tables around it. It will be, without a doubt, the most important point of the room.
  3. More tips: In this case, the colours also play an important role in a Hygge decoration. They should be soft tones such as light grey, beige or white. These provide light to the room, as well as making it look cleaner and larger. If you find the room cold with these colours, add something darker to counteract or your choice of prints.
  4. The fourth key point is using warm textures and natural materials. The raw wood together with materials such as leather, linen, wool, cotton or vegetable fibres make the place transmit comfortableness and warmth. This way you will get a 100% Hygge home.
  5. Finally, and the most difficult and at the same time easy to achieve, is the comforting company. There is no use for a cozy home without family and / or friends with whom to share it. People are, therefore, the most important thing in this Danish trend.

Since all the decoration is based on the well-being of the people who live in a house or visit it, the rooms must be full of elements that are special for each person. What we commonly call “create our corner”. So, go for it, it’s your ideal space, so … you choose how to decorate it!


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