Find your perfect rental home

Find your perfect rental home

We may need to find a rental apartment for different reasons, sometimes due to work reasons, other times a need to upgrade or the wish to change neighbourhoods. In any case it is important to consider the various stages of the process to make sure the result is completely satisfactory.

The first thing we have to decide is the area where we want to live according to our tastes and our available budget. At this point it is worth analysing the average income in the neighbourhood of the type of apartment we are looking for. If it fits our budget, then great, go ahead.

Now comes the most toilsome part. Search, search, ask questions, ask questions, take good notes and visit as many properties as you can. It is highly recommended to visit the same apartment at different times of day and with different people that will help us to better analyse the apartment’s condition, benefits and possible drawbacks. It is also important to analyse the neighbourhood at different times of day and at different days of the week.
As we are sure to have doubts it is very useful to make a list of pros and cons of the houses that we have liked the most. Reading that list will help us choose.

At this point it is important to ask, in detail, the conditions of the contract such as the duration, the rental reviews , deposit conditions, taxes, necessary renovations, etc. This will prevent us many future misunderstandings. We must also analyse the state of the property and as a last step to negotiate the rental price.

If all that sounds like too muck work, you don’t have the time or you want to reduce the number of visits, you’re not in town or you prefer to minimize the search time, then a Personal Property Shopper is the persona you have to contact. She’ll be sure to find your perfect rental home.

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