Be careful if you buy an attic

Be careful if you buy an attic

In the past the penthouses were the less accessible, hotter, areas of the buildings, That were used as housing for the service or as warehouse. How things have changed! Now they are the most sought after homes, living in the attic provides more status than the typical dwelling.

In Spain we have sun and we like to enjoy it and if we talk about cities like Madrid or Barcelona, getting near the sky and being able to see the horizon is a luxury. Hence the rage to rehabilitate the last floors of buildings, create terraced areas, include attics in new buildings or gain “that piece of whatever” to get a small terrace to enjoy the many sunny months we have.

There is also the other version, to convert part of the terrace into a living area. If you need a house of 120 m2 and only have 70 m2 but you have a terrace, go ahead with the work. Close, isolate and furnish the new extension.

But be careful, it may not be as easy as it seems. If it is my house and I will be living in it, the problems that may arise I will reproach the builder, but not the previous owner. If I buy an attic or a flat with a terrace, then is when I have to be very careful and analyze well what I buy and at what price I buy it.

  • The first point to consider when looking for an attic are the metres built. Are they real? Are they deeded? Be careful if you advertise a house of 150m2 with its corresponding price when in writing there is only 100m2. It means that I will be paying for “the added house” as if it were of origin and it should not be that way because it has its risk.
  • Another question would be: Who has the terrace property? Normally they are for private use but they belong to the community. Beware of the reforms to carried out.
  • And do not forget to analyze the type of construction of the added zone. Is it sufficiently isolated? Is it soundproof?
  • In addition, we should inform ourselves and know if it is approved by the neighbours community and by the City Council.

The value of an attic in the market is 20-30% more than an apartment with the same characteristics, considering the shortage of this product and the high demand, we should not surprised by the high prices that we will find.

If after these investigations and analysis, we like it, it gives us security, and the price is suitable then go ahead with the purchase and enjoy the views.

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