An open kitchen? Or maybe not?

An open kitchen? Or maybe not?

When you buy a new house or when you’re thinking of reforming, one of the main doubts arise around the kitchen, shall we have an open kitchen? Or closed? Open kitchens are obviously a trend, but does everybody like them? Or are they an imported trend that just doesn’t suit us?


Here is a list with several reasons for and against open kitchens:

“Yes” to the an open kitchen

– With good professionals they can be seamlessly integrated in the living spaces and the decoration, if an intelligent project is carried out it can offer an attractive and modern design.
– If you do not have much space, open kitchens multiply the footage of the rooms. Instead of having a small living room, dining room and kitchen, we extend metres by removing walls. Rugs, sofas, furniture or islands with stools or without them are then used to delimit different spaces.
Communication improves, by having open space, nobody is left out in the daily family life or when we receive visits. You can cook while you take a look at the children or while we catch up with friends.
– Nowadays appliances will not be a problem if they are of good quality and low level noise. It is also very important to have a high-end extractor hood since this way we will prevent the house from having too many food odors and furniture getting too dirty.
– The kitchens are the heart of many homes, if we remove the walls we can get the maximum possible light, no need for dark closed-up kitchens overlooking gloomy interior courtyards. Natural light is of paramount importance in today’s homes.

“No” to an open kitchen

– Why do I have to see a laundry room, appliances or casseroles and food related items when I’m supposed to be resting in my living room?
– Just as it helps us with communication sometimes, at other times it can be less helpful, since not having independence means that at times there will be no peace, no quiet, no independence. Not to mention the need to share the visual, acoustic or olfactory culinary activity.
– And what do I do without those extra walls where I could place my favourite painting or mural?
Like so many other decisions, it really comes down to a money issue If I had 100m2 more in the house of my dreams, I would definitely choose a closed kitchen with an office area where I could share social gatherings and some of the meals of the day.

But reality makes the rules, and as the budget and therefore the metres are more limited than most of our dreams, it seems that open kitchens have come to stay and we must reflect on the real needs we have in order to make the best decision. And always be assessed by the best professional.

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