Why hire a decorator / interior designer: 5 reasons

Why hire a decorator / interior designer: 5 reasons

After giving it a lot of thought. Wondering, what will be better? Are we doing it right? Could I do it myself?

The answer is quite simple: The best way to decorate a home is to work with an interior designer. Why? Very simple, a decorator or interior designer is a professional who has the multidisciplinary knowledge that enables him to give greater functionality to any space and make over the overall appearance of a home.

These professionals are entrusted with a specific space to work with, solving any distribution problems and decorating it in line with the clients’ wishes.

Why hire a designer / interior designer?

Although these two concepts may seem synonymous, and they are, there are certain differences between them.

To date, two different profiles are proposed. We find, first, the figure of the designer, which recognizes the needs of its customers and adapts the home to their needs thanks to a vast knowledge of design and architecture. He works with floors, walls, windows and structures in order to improve the quality of life of its future inhabitants.

On the other hand, the interior designer focuses more on the final stage of the reform. She dresses the spaces and gives them personality. Basically, in more visual aspects of the house such as textures, color palette, furniture and ornaments.

Once we know the different, yet also complementary tasks of both profiles, let’s see the evident reasons why we should hire one or both professionals if we have decided to carry out a reform in our home.

  • The first of the aspects, the most important, is knowledge, linked to time. There are two concepts, although complementary, that refer to the fact that, if we are going to carry out a reform of these characteristics at home, we do not usually have the necessary time to carry out the tasks of a designer and interior designer ourselves, as well as not having the necessary knowledge to ensure high quality results.
  • Comprehensive advice and management. The professional studies the needs of the client and adapts these requests to the available space to try to get the best possible results. She also knows the job, and manages the times, materials and solutions quickly and smoothly.
  • In-depth market knowledge. Both decorators and interior designers are aware of the news and trends in the market. So much so that she will not hesitate to make suggestions if we are unsure how we want our house to finally look. She will give us possibilities and suggestions so that we can choose which one suits our tastes.
  • Budget control. A professional adjusts to a certain budget. Unlike us, designers and interior designers work with a strict budget and they adapt to it.
  • Finally, an essential aspect to hiring these professionals is aesthetics. They are experts who know how to combine space, materials and furniture in an ideal way to achieve a harmonious and perfect result. It adds value to the home and distinguishes it from the rest.
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