What my clients are like

What my clients are like

A Real Estate Personal Shopper is the professional who looks for the ideal house sparing the client lost time, getting the maximum negotiation, reducing paperwork and accessing the entire market offer with a single agent.

Having said this, it may seem that all clients have the same profile,  mainly people with high purchasing power or executives with a very complicated professional life who find it impossible to search for a home on their own. Sometimes it’s like that, sometimes not.

I think that what best defines our clients is their character or their degree of necessity, not their economic or work situation.

Based on their character we can have these types of clients or potential clients:

  • The impatient. He wants to find his apartment now. When he makes the decision to start the search or to rely on outside help, he needs almost exclusive dedication. He has good things, his willingness to make visits and make a decision usually go at the same pace, fast.
  • The clueless. He does not know the real estate market in, for example, Madrid. He knows how much he wants to invest and the type of housing he is looking for, but the areas where there is an offer with those characteristics surprise him. Where do you say you want it? Normally, he does not pass on to the customer phase.
  • The grateful. He trusts in his Real Estate Personal Shopper and he lets himself be advised on areas of Madrid that best fit with his lifestyle, on the type of property and on the possibility of his investment being revalued. Focusing the search in two or three zones and perhaps being flexible in one of the search parameters, we will soon find his ideal home.
  • The demanding one. Nothing is enough but the budget is scarce. Not good.  If he changes any of his preconceived ideas about the ideal apartment, we will find the house we are looking for, if not, we are both wasting time.
  • The generous. The best customer. If he is able and willing to extend his budget he will surely get his ideal home. In many cases he is the same character as the grateful one.
  • The resentful. He has been looking for a long time, he has seen dozens of houses, but none fits him. So, why a Real Estate Personal Shopper? We help him look for a house and we facilitate the work, but we do not “invent the houses”. Something in the “price-area-size” equation does not fit. He either changes something in the search criteria or he will not reach the customer phase.
  • The one that does not value the work of a Real Estate Personal Shopper. He proposes remuneration based on success. No, our remuneration formula includes initial fees for a dedicated and in-depth job for the required time until the deal is closed.


We listen to all of them, we advise them and guide them alike when they contact us, but sincerely, we love some of them more than others.

See you whenever you like!

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