What happens when the family grows?

What happens when the family grows?

When the family grows it is necessary to assess the type of house where we live, its amenities, the area where it is located, the services we have around us and also assess the new needs that may arise.

Maybe right now you have a perfect home, your situation, the services that you have around you, it is comfortable, you have found the best neighborhood and you know the area, but soon you will not be only the two of you. Will your house be as good for you then as it is now?

Here are some aspects to take into account if your family is going to grow:

The space at home
Something essential is to assess what space you have at home, you will need an extra room for the new family member, perhaps not in the short term, but certainly when the baby grows.

Besides, you will need to have space to place all the baby’s things in each room of the house. You must get used to the idea that the arrival of a baby means an invasion of your spaces and you will have to learn to share metres with the crib, the changing table, the cart, the toys, your clothes, the bathroom objects, the food utensils …

The Building amenities
You may live in an apartment and you must assess whether you have an elevator or not, because going up every day with the cart, the food shopping and the baby can be really exhausting or even impossible.
Also, having a storage room is great to be able to store what you are not going to use.

The area and its communication
You must think if the area you live in adapts to this moment, living in an area with a lot of noise may not be the best idea for a baby and sleep.

It is also important to think about communication, if you travel by public transport, what options you have around you (subway, bus, train …) and if you travel by car, if you have a garage or if you have easy and nearby parking in the neighborhood.


A key factor is that you have nurseries, schools, parks or green areas, medical centre, shops or pharmacy nearby. It may seem a bit silly, but the time you will save in travel and the quality of life that you will have with everything nearby is something to bear in mind.

If you are looking for a new home to buy or rent because your family is growing and your house does not adapt to your new needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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