We are from MadriZ

We are from MadriZ

1 – Madrileño: it is said of the one who is born, lives or has ‘tapas’ (now that is really living) in the Region of MadriZ, without discrimination of race, sex, religion or HR.

2- One is from MadriZ, wherever you’re from, within the Community of MadriZ. You’re from MadriZ and ‘nuff said.

3 – Due to the previous point, the expression “to go hometown” is not a contemptuous phrase stained of centralism. The meaning is “to go on holiday or to spend a weekend at the place of origin of the family”. Even if you are still from MadriZ, your parents and siblings can be from anywhere else.

4 – It is absolutely false that MadriZ does not have a beach. If in doubt, visit Torrevieja or Benidorm any summer or bank holiday.

5 – The expression “it’s right here” should be interpreted as “it’s 20 minutes by car or 45 minutes walking”. But hey, do you know how big MadriZ is?

6 – When madrileños go to visit your charming cities and ask if the chorizo ​​we’re eating is straight from the farm, when it is in fact Campofrío, please don’t joke about it. We’d like to see you in the Subway.

7 – Whatever bilbaínos have to say, MadriZ has the most beautiful Subway of all Spain.

8 -In Madrid Ruiz Gallardón was the Good. Esperanza the Bad. And Ugly is no one because everyone is beautiful in MadriZ.

9 – Madrileños go out on bank holidays; the two days of the weekend aren’t enough to travel to the frontiers of MadriZ and back.

10 – A real Madrileño eats the prepositions when saying the names of the places of the Capital. I did not go to the Plaza de Castilla, but to Plaza Castilla.

11 – We practice leism and laism. It’s difficult, but it’s the only way to look like you’re from MadriZ, or close to MadriZ.

12 – Madrileños like to drive. The parking sound assistant included in high end cars was invented by a madrileño, because here, in MadriZ, we park by ear. We also drive tailgating to reduce fuel consumption.

13 – If you want to try “pescao fresco” come to Madrid. In the Capital you’ll find the freshest fish in Spain. (And the most expensive, but we don’t  mind because we’re from Madriz).

14 – Neither Picos, nor Pyrenees: If you have time for an excursion, you go to the Sierra.

15 – The people of MadriZ are the most international people that exist. Wherever you are, for example in Tokyo, if you meet someone from MadriZ and ask “where are you from?”, they will invariably answer: “From here, from MadriZ!”

Fuente: frikipedia.es

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