Turn your passion into a profession

Turn your passion into a profession

business-1067978_960_720Do you like your job? Would you like to change your activity or business ? Do you have any skills you’re not currently developing? Do you have hobbies that you’re not dedicating the time you’d like? Do the years go by and you’re still doing the same you were doing 10 years ago? Maybe you need a change.

When we’re young we study with a professional  objective in mind that in many cases becomes a satisfying reality but different from that University dream. Over time, we have grown personally, developed projects and hobbies, and more importantly, we discover ourselves and we are increasingly aware of our skills, our capabilities and our maximum performance conditions as people and as professionals. We always try to give the best of us but there comes a time when routine, comfort, monotony, security or same-as-ever situations take over and we just don’t start every day, every season with the illusion of a new challenge. We just survive, trudge on.

Life is too short to spend on what we know,  what we find comfortable, seemingly safe or easy, where the inertia of each day takes us. Perhaps we could do something different that would give us satisfactions  in a new environment where we are more productive, achieve new successes and be happier.

What do I like to do? What to do I do well? What part of my skills or knowledge are most valued? What is my environment and what is my ideal way of working? What are the market trends? Let’s get the best out of ourselves. With great enthusiasm and with the right strategy, we will be able to develop a new project that is also our way of life.

If you like the real estate sector, if you know your city, if you empathize with people, if you know how to listen, if you like to see homes, if you know to analyze a property and read between the lines, maybe you like helping others to find the house of their life then you can be a Real Estate Personal Shopper.


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