To reform or to not reform?

To reform or to not reform?

You feel that your house is almost new, well maintained, current, functional, comfortable and almost perfect until suddenly, one day, you say, “I can’t put up with it anymore, I have to change something.” Is the situation familiar?

You’ve probably gotten used to the existing environment until you realize that the bathtub is not functional, the tiling is old, the floors are damaged, the closures aren’t energy efficient and above all, there are many more modern, innovative, comfortable and practical materials and elements that will make life much easier and, more importantly, that will revalue the property.

And now, the great doubt. Do I reform or not? What part of the house do I start with? How much can it cost? What kind of reformer do I need? It can be a small action or a complete makeover, in any case, the process should always be the same, find support in a professional that helps you analyse and assess the necessary changes.

The proposal of an interior designer, will not be improvised neither in form nor substance, it will be a complete solution fruit of analysis and experience. It should be someone who captures the tastes, way of life, priorities and needs presenting a realistic project. In addition, their technical and managerial skills, preferably their own, are important. She must put at your disposal her skill and good work and carry it out in a clear, direct and complicit manner.

In many cases it is tempting to be guided by current tendencies seen in specialized magazines or portals, to hire recommended specialists and to direct the works ourselves. Be careful, it has its risks. We’ll surely not consider all the possible solutions, we’ll calculate the expenses worse and we’ll not manage incidentals correctly. How much does a mistake in a reform of our house cost? What is the value of getting correct advice and of having the most current solutions for each action?

It’s your choice, if you choose a professional, the references are important, but let’s not forget empathy, experience, team capacity and commitment.

Go ahead with the decision, to reform or partially improve is always a good choice. We’ll gain in comfort and we’ll have a better valued property.

Good luck and patience with the reform!


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