Three in one. We buy, rent and sell.

Three in one. We buy, rent and sell.

There are extinguished professions like the watchman, the town crier, the mattress maker, the cigar maker or the darner. There are, however, other professions that have evolved as the office boy now messenger or the lifeguard, and there are other professions that have evolved, and although performing similar functions are now known with different names. There we find the Real Estate Shoppers or buyer’s agents.

A Real Estate Personal Shopper is the professional who helps in a personalized way to look for a property to live, work or invest defending only the interests of the buyer. Out of the need of making this profession known we sometimes limit the scope of our activities to “we help to look for houses”. Yes, we help to find a home or business premise providing knowledge of the market, saving time in the search and offering advice throughout the process. But there are other, much more valuable contributions.

As professionals in the real estate sector, a buyer’s agent, values, above all, ​​the investment and seeks the highest profitability. In most cases this profitability is measured in economic terms, in other cases we must value comfort, adaptation to an environment, improvement in the quality of life and estimate how positive such a change could be in each person, company and situation.

It is very frequent that what initially looks only like a simple house search, in the first interview becomes a double or triple operation. This happens when we buy a house to rent, in this case we must assess the profitability of each neighbourhood, the rental market and organize the search and maintenance of the property. These are also our functions, rent management.

What if the investment consists in buying to reform and sell? Here we have a triple operation where the contributions of a Real Estate Personal Shopper are highly valued: we look for housing, we establish a profitability objective, we negotiate price, we reform and put on sale.

Three in one. The entire investment process managed with the same trusted person. We buy, rent and sell. And always with maximum profitability and a high commitment.


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