Spain, I love you.

Spain, I love you.

I could have written it myself, but in this case I want to translate what many foreigners living in Madrid write and say, expatriates in Madrid, some of them acquaintances, others friends. They are people of many countries who after having lived many years in Spain, knowing many other countries due to their  work or leisure have decided to fix their residence here and these are some of their reasons why they love Spain and why they are happy in Madrid.

  1. Social life. A topic, but true, there is always someone willing to have a drink with you, for example, on a Tuesday in February.
  2. We like foreigners, we are open and welcoming.
  3. There are people from very different countries, because of our tolerance and generosity.
  4. We dress in a “civilized” and not necessarily expensive way, even if it is to walk around the neighborhood
  5. Linguistic diversity enriches us culturally.
  6. The expressiveness and naturalness of the Spaniards surprises, we are “as is”.
  7. Rich in excellent literary and theatrical authors for centuries, better not to mention any.
  8. Madrid is not the largest city in Europe, nor the one with most monuments to visit, but it is the most monumental and the best to live in (so they say …).
  9. There is always life in Madrid, even traffic jams at 2 in the morning.
  10. It’s easy to be one more, if you have transportation pass, you are already one of us.
  11. The weather is a privilege, not too cold, nor prolonged heat in summer.
  12. Madrid has excellent parks, El Retiro, Madrid Rio and La Casa de Campo, four times bigger than Central Park.
  13. Its museums, of the best in the world, mentioning only El Prado, Reina Sofía or Thyssen.
  14. And how not to mention the gastronomy, the variety of meals and the excellence of the wines at more than reasonable prices .
  15. A bar in every corner, wherever you are.
  16. A great lifestyle, even if you’re not rich.
  17. Some of the best transport in the world, the AVE, buses, metro and good road network.
  18. Wonderful cities from Galicia to Andalusia through Castilla, Asturias, Catalonia, Extremadura, Levante, Baleares and Canaries.
  19. The best paths in the World and one of the most famous, the Camino de Santiago.
  20. And very close and well connected with the rest of European cities.

20 good reasons to be proud of being Spanish and for those  who live in Madrid to feel more than fortunate!


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