Pros and cons of the different types of houses you can find in Madrid

Pros and cons of the different types of houses you can find in Madrid

The are many types of houses you can live in Madrid and each one of them has its pros and cons. The important thing is to know your priorities when choosing your perfect house so the one you choose has more advantages than disadvantages.


In the last post, we talked about the types of houses you can live in Madrid and today we want to go over them again and talk about each one in more detail so we can have a good idea of their pros and cons, although everything will depend on your personal tastes, needs and priorities when looking for and choosing the perfect home.

General pros and cons:

Multi-family houses (condos)

Community fees are shared. You save on maintenance.

Residential buildings usually share common area (gardens and swimming pools).

There is community life.

Better access to services and commerce.

There are different types (apartment, study, flat, duplex, attic, ground floor with garden, loft …) so they are more suited to different types of people and needs.

Greater security (more neighbours)

They don’t usually have stairs.

More neighbours might mean more noise.

Community rules must be respected.

There are regular community fees and sometimes extraordinary payments.

Repairs must be allowed by the community and you have to follow stipulated indications on exterior elements, colours, awnings, etc.

Less specifically adapted to particular needs.

I new constructions you have much less choice of materials and finishes.

Pros Cons
Single-family houses (detached, semi-detached) They tend to be more spacious.

Private land or garden.

Better adapted to family needs.


Usually no community fees.

More intimacy.

In new constructions you can choose the materials and every detail of the finished house.

The price per square meter is usually lower than the houses in the area.

There is no community life.

No expenses are shared with other neighbouring houses

You need a certain amount of land in order to be able to build.

Locations are usually more limited.

They usually have stairs (and all that entails with small children and elder adults or incapacities and illness.

There are fewer options to choose from

They tend to have a higher total price.

Less security (due to isolation)

Pros Cons


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