New year, new house?

New year, new house?

Are you thinking about buying a house to live? Are you tired of renting? Is it time to invest in housing? Will you change your residential destination in the coming months?

If it is so and you’ve decided to buy a house, there are several aspects that you have to consider and that you’ve surely already done when you estimated the available budget, established the search area and decided the type of ideal house.

And the deadline? Have you decided when you would like to have the house available to move in? Perhaps time is not excessively important, but if you don’t want the process to last on forever and the decision to be one of your last priorities you have to do realistic calculations and work in order to achieve the goal in time.

The search process has three well-defined stages:

  • Selection and search of properties
  • Negotiation and Signing of Sale of Deed
  • Update or reform

Each of these phases has its times with minimums and maximums and above all with averages that are usually fulfilled almost every time when buying a house.

From the moment we decide to start looking, we spend a few hours to see real estate portals, contact agencies or buyers agents, select, visit and find the house we like, 2 or 3 months can pass. At this point we begin to negotiate price and delivery conditions where we include the dates to sign a contract of lease and the maximum time before the deed of sale to be signed. Depending on the situation of the property, if it is inhabited or not, if the buyer already has another home or if we have to confirm the approval of financing, that can take us, speeding everything up, up to 3 months.

And the time comes to adapt the house to our needs or to do a complete makeover of the house. At this point deadlines are increasingly difficult to modify and we should estimate around 3 months if there is reform going on, taking into account that will have to see different projects, decide and execute the work.

Now let’s add up, always with optimistic criteria:

  • 2 months search + 2 months negotiation and signature + 3 months reform

And that gives us:

  • 7 months to be installed in our new home.

Were you thinking on a new house for the New Year? You can still have it. Cheer up.

And if you think you need help in all phases of the process, you can contact a Real Estate Personal Shopper that will be by your side, always representing your interests.

Good luck!

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