Let’s be clear, please

Let’s be clear, please

Sunny. Spacious living-room. Good condition. Manor estate. Large. High quality reform. Near El Retiro. Do any of these sound familiar? Surely at some point you’ve looked for a house to buy or rent and you come across these descriptions. The words in themselves are not the problem, the problem comes when you visit those properties. The sunny apartment turns out to have 1 hour of direct sunlight a day, the spacious living-room is 18 square metres, exterior refers to views on a backyard, good condition means it will be but after you reform, manor estate depends on what you’re comparing with. And so on.

While it is true that there are terms that are highly subjective, others are quite descriptive and that is where it would be advisable to be more precise. Can anyone really be distracted from from what they’re looking for by visiting a property that doesn’t match what they’re looking for?

On the other hand, one has to be able to interpret and ask questions before the visit. If you’re not seeing all the rooms, why is that? It’s on a first floor. What kind of first floor?  A first entering by the street and also by the backyard? Or is it more like a ground floor? Where it is located exactly? Near El Retiro or 1 km from the park? Does good condition only mean that it has been lived in up to date? Ready to move in! Everything is relative!

To sell you have to advertise, then have visitors, after awakening interest and highlighting the strengths of the property.This theoretical process is quite fine, but it could be optimized if the communication was more accurate from the start. And if I’ve forgotten to ask something I would appreciate the information be provided before the visit. Eg., Is there a lift? If I have discarded houses without lifts, beautiful as the house might be I will never buy it even is the promise a lift is planned. Or I shouldn’t.

Clearer, more precise, less uncertainty, information of interest and not topical descriptions are appreciated. And if not, we can always develop the ability to read between the lines and images and of course develop the art of interrogation.

We can’t think of any questions to ask? We can’t detect lack of information or ambiguities? Surely someone can help us. Perhaps a Personal Real Estate Shopper?

Good luck with the search.

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