Let yourself be advised

Let yourself be advised

If you have a lawsuit, do you defend yourself? When in doubt whether to enter an operating room, do you consult with the pillow or with more than one specialist? If you have money to invest do you seek advice from financial experts? And, if you have to buy or sell a house, who advises you?

Buying or selling a house has its implications and involves more than one procedure that if you are not used to can pave the way for some mistakes along the way or, worse, it can be an economic loss.

When we have seen a house to buy that suits us for its location, its distribution and that also suits our budget we have to take into account other important aspects such as:

  1. State of facilities and structures
  2. Legal situation of the property
  3. Type of community, possible internal conflicts or outstanding economic pledges
  4. Positioning of the house in relation to the market of reference.
  5. My margin for negotiation.
  6. My rights as a buyer.
  7. Expenses involved in the purchase.
  8. The best mortgage for me.
  9. Renovation needed and budget.
  10. Real time frames since I decide to buy a house until I am installed.

In short, is it a good purchase as a regular home? Is it a profitable investment considering all implicit expenses?

Many times we ask acquaintances who have bought before, we seek advice from friends or we search the Internet but no source will be as expert and professional as that that has made that type of search their daily work.

Likewise if I’m going to sell a house, questions like these should arise:

  1. What the market price is
  2. The price I should advertise the house
  3. How visits will be managed
  4. The information I need to have available for the sale
  5. The expenses involved in the process.

Just as in the case of buying a home, if I want to sell my house it is always advisable to go hand in hand with a professional to avoid surprises, get the most benefit as well assuring the maximum tranquility and ease throughout the process.

Don’t doubt it, if your health or your investment portfolio well deserve a professional adviser with your home it shouldn’t be any different.

Good luck if you’re  thinking about buying or selling your house.

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