I want to sell my apartment

I want to sell my apartment

Because I need a bigger apartment, because I want to get closer to the city centre, because I prefer to live in an urbanization, because I’m relocating or because I’ve received a home in inheritance, I’ve decided to sell my apartment. Once this decision is made, I would like the sale to be made as soon as possible and at the best price. Where do I begin?

  • Set the price. Let’s not be subjective and determine the price according to our needs to buy a new one, influenced by emotions or by the neighborhood comments of recent sales. The price of a house must be fixed according to the closing prices of the sale of similar properties in the area and to set it, it’s convenient to contact a professional.
  • Prepare the apartment to be “show-ready”. This means that we minimize the decoration, eliminate personal elements, we declutter and clear spaces.
  • Be transparent with the information. The more data we provide, the more confidence we transmit and the decision process becomes easier. If we don’t have a floor plan, now is the time to draw it up. It helps the buyer to see the possibilities and to calculate the budget of the potential renovation.
  • Facilitate visits. It is a contradiction to want to sell an apartment and be willing to show it only certain hours a week, let’s be adaptable, let’s be flexible or let’s delegate. If we put impediments, they can see other apartments before and choose them. And, it’s even better if we are not present when the potential buyer visits, so we don’t convey connotations that can be counterproductive.
  • Analyse. If we don’t have enough visits during the first weeks and we don’t receive offers, something is wrong. Most likely, the price is not suitable or it can be a bad communication of the property or its characteristics. Everything counts, the photos, the descriptions and the information provided. Or the information not provided. Hiding information may be suspicious.
  • Find the right partner. Contacting agencies in the area is a good option, contacting with professionals to coordinate different intermediaries is another option. But always be careful have it publicised by different agents in the same places. It will seem suspicious and it suggests that there could be some problem with the property.

In short: position it correctly, communicate, analyse and adjust the price if necessary.

Good luck with the sale!

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