How to adapt your home for the arrival of a baby without dying in the atttempt

How to adapt your home for the arrival of a baby without dying in the atttempt

It’s always been said that the arrival of a baby is a revolution, but until it reaches your life, you  really don’t understand all this phrase means. This is why this post is dedicated to the changes you can and need to make at home before the baby arrives, because when when it’s here you won’t have the time!

The first thing is to be aware of the invasion of a ton of mini-things that you are going to have at home: clothes, toys, utensils, objects … This certainly implies a change of decoration and you have to be OK knowing that you may not be able to have the house as perfect as you would like to, or at least not like you have it now.

Once this is assimilated, there are certain needs you will have at home with the new family member, depending on the space you have at home you will have more or less work to do. Nothing will ever be the same in your home.

You will need to make space in different rooms of the house for several large objects that the baby will need: the sleeping cot, the pram and all its accessories, the high chair for when the baby starts to eat baby food, the bathtub, the hammock, the game park, the game gym, the changer …

You will also have to find space for other smaller baby-things like the ones listed below, if you are going to use furniture that you already have at home you will have to empty them or free up space, otherwise you’ll have to buy, and make room for, adequate furniture

Clothing and other accessories: Between what you buy, what you’re given and what you inherit your will yourself with a ton of clothes, of different sizes and for different seasons and wear. You will definitely need a closet or a dresser exclusively for all those clothes. You will also have to make room for the crib clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, towels …

Toys: rattles, stuffed animals or mobiles will be the first to come, but there will always be someone who gives your some toys for later on that you will have to keep and store. Store what you are not going to use in a closet or storage room, what you are going to use can be stored in a chest or toy drawers to have everything nicely put away and at hand.

Toiletries: diapers, soaps, gauzes, oils, combs, thermometer, serum … you will have an endless number of things that should be on hand since they are used day in and day out, stored in the bathroom and / or in the room where you have your changing table.

You have to optimize the spaces as much as possible so you must be very practical. Store what you won’t be using in the coming months and  take out you your need and be ruthless in  giving away or storing away what you are no longer going to use like clothes that no longer fit, spare pram parts, toys, etc. …

Ideally, you should have a room destined for the baby so you can have nearly everything there, but if you don’t have a baby room  you’ll need to find place in the kitchen or the lounge for the high chair and the hammock, in your room for the crib, the changing table and the dresser, in the bathroom for the baby bath, etc. …

If you don’t have an extra room for the baby, you will definitely have the need to change your house sooner or later since both you will need your own spaces and privacy. If you are looking for a bigger house to buy or rent in Madrid, count on us, we’ll help you find it.

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