Don’t let yourself be fooled

Don’t let yourself be fooled

render-1477041_960_720Buying a home is an important decision. Yes, it is one of the most important decisions we make in life and therefore one we must analyse very carefully. Taking our time but not taking forever. The key is to know what we have to analyse.

The first phase of the purchase is searching the available offer for a house that fits our needs and possibilities.  Do your search and select but don’t be fooled. It is preferable to take some time to make sure the characteristics of the house meet our needs and not get disappointed when we visit  than to lose precious time visiting something that doesn’t match what we understood in the advertisement. Beware of that much-used “Best seen” expression. No, “Better to ask.”

What is the useful surface of the house? Has it been renovated recently or 10 years ago and then it will surely be in need of an update? Is it well kept? Do I see the photos of all the rooms? Is it exterior or interior? Oriented North or South? Is it a real first or a high ground floor? Can I see a house plan before visiting? Is there a problem in the building or with the community? With the to these questions I will have a much clearer idea of the property and I might still want to visit it. Or maybe not.

Second phase, I visit the house and check that it really  matches the idea I had. And what does it feel like? 10 minutes are more than enough to know if this can be the house I’m looking for either to live in or as an investment. One needs to find the sensations, an intuition, a visualization of the space in which it will be transformed, a confirmation that it really does match what I am looking for. Perfect, the sensations are important but let’s analyze the facts a little more, other realities, the intangibles to make sure we are not being fooled.

It is imperative to request registration information of the house. Who is the owner? Are there any limitations to the sale? Do the declared metres match the real metres? Is everything legalised? How much am I willing to pay for those metres and what risks am I taking? Are the elements attached to the house like storage rooms free of tenants? And if not, what rent contract do they have? And the community, is there any upcoming expenditure? What is the neighborhood like?

And technically. How are the facilities? And the structure of housing? Are there any limitations to the distribution that I want to have? Sometimes we can’t obtain this information just by looking or tapping the walls, it’s worth consulting a professional before proceeding with the purchase. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

When we buy a house information is also power but above all, information is crucial for making the best decision, with full knowledge of all the circumstances related now or in the future with the property and also, that information will help us to get the best negotiation and to get the best project for reforms or decoration.

Don’t let yourself be fooled!

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